Phase 1


We plug into your existing system

  • Connect patients with your providers
  • Workflow co-development
  • Data and EHR integration

Phase 2

Early Engagement

Identify mental health needs of your population before an incident

  • Increase access to proven support without increased cost
  • Decrease MBH issues in ERs and PCP offices
  • Lower spending on at-risk populations

Phase 3

Timely Support

Prevent chronic, costly mental health conditions that exacerbate comorbid physical conditions.

Online CBT Programs

Clinically-validated, self-paced online programs


Route patients to follow-on care when they indicate they could benefit from higher level support


On-demand telehealth using your providers, our providers, or both

Phase 4

Remote Patient Monitoring

Dashboard that easily integrates with your current workflow

  • Tracking between sessions
  • Offloading assessments and psychoeducational resources

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We meet compliance on Day One

Improve behavioral health outcomes

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